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Founded in 1878 as Charles P. Hayley & Company, Hayleys today accounts for 3.7% of Sri Lanka’s export income, and 1.9% of the Country’s GDP with internationally diversified businesses in Fibre, Hand protection, Purification of Activated carbon, Transportation, Agri products and Inputs, Plantations, Fabric, Consumer Products, Industry Inputs, Resorts, Power and energy, Investments and Services.

Hayleys has grown from a small proprietorship in Sri Lanka’s southern city Galle, into one of Sri Lanka’s largest, most diversified public companies. The 130 year Hayley chronicle traverses the tapestry of time, changing with it and taking shape from it.

Today Hayleys is a Sri Lankan multinational conglomerate renowned globally and locally in certain specialized areas of expertise such as Agriculture &Agri Business, Transportation & Infrastructure and Consumer & Leisure.

A quoted and truly broad-based company, in the 52 years since its incorporation Hayleys, has had a record of 26 scrip issues and 4 modestly-priced rights issues, together with dividend payouts averaging 25% in each of these years.


" Little did I Know what a wonderful seed I was planting on that far away day "
              - George Hayley


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